Pismo predsednika IPA povodom 10 godina obeležavanja postojanja IPA SEKCIJE SRBIJA

‘10th Anniversary IPA Serbia’

Mr National President, dear friend Nebojsa
Dear Members of the National Board of the Serbian section,
Dear officials, dear IPA members and friends of the IPA

I am extremely pleased and honoured to have been given the opportunity to play a small part in celebrating this wonderful event with you, by writing a few lines and wishing you all a happy 10th anniversary.

To celebrate such a milestone is a fantastic achievement!

It takes a lot of idealism and belief to start courageous projects and turn dreams into reality. Our founder’s efforts, more than 67 years ago, began with a dream – and look where the IPA stands today, with 68 national sections and more than 400’000 members! Our thanks go to Arthur Troop, who had faith in his dreams, courage and the most solid will to succeed.

The founders of IPA Serbia showed the same idealism and shared the same dream more than 10 years ago, when they decided to establish a section in your country, Serbia! From the start 10 years ago you worked hard and were always fortunate enough to be able to count on the valuable support of your members and friends! A special mention belongs to the National Presidents of IPA Serbia who have put their energy, their heart and their true sense of friendship as captains of your section! Thank you for your passion, your dedication to the IPA and your achievements.

Dear IPA friends, we serve through friendship. To serve is vital, because without commitment, there is no friendship. And without friendship, there would be no IPA! For so long now the world has been free of borders for our members. Whether they are social, cultural or professional, our gatherings are like discoveries that give sense to our values and our ideals of friendship, tolerance and peace. As I often said, the IPA is a world of peace!

All of us know how important and essential peace is, as we witness on a daily basis that this world is not a bowl of cherries right now, and that there are many issues which subvert our ideals and regularly turn this planet more into hell than heaven on earth!

The IPA is a dream come true. A world based on the fundamental principles of friendship and human rights. Let us keep it this way and make sure that our commitments always care for the great values set by our predecessors.

We are police officers, border guards or others dedicated to public security. We are men and women who have put our heart and soul into the most honourable values. Let us make sure that we can always be proud of this.

Dear IPA members of Section Serbia, on behalf of the International Executive Board and the worldwide IPA family, please accept our congratulations for your wonderful anniversary.

Thank you for all you give and bring to the IPA world.
The IPA is proud to count Serbia among its members.

Long live IPA Serbia
Long live IPA
Servo per Amikeco

Pierre-Martin Moulin

International President